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Javyn Fontenot
I've wanted demo for so long
Comment from : Javyn Fontenot

Sensaibu _
I'm confused on what cursed battlefield does
Comment from : Sensaibu _

Great video man!
Comment from : Acid

Jt I would do heartbreaker for the energy sap because of her fast attack. However, you said you may want something else on her, so I think another option that would be good is maybe grimfiend (or demo as you said). I think Anubis should stay with cursed battlefield because it fits so well with his proc.
Comment from : FlameballGaming

5/8 scorch on: skull, druid, cupid, lady leo or PD??
Comment from : MikkertGames

Dragon ant
Why does sk or anubis sometimes die without a revive
Comment from : Dragon ant

Jocker Game
pensi pensi pensi
Comment from : Jocker Game

demo or anubis
Comment from : DerRasse

At 0:58 why the arcangel die ? He is not supposed to disapear after 8s ?
Comment from : Xicor

Haha Im So done i Think My f2p are luckiest acc ever... Rockno michael mechtessa all in daily free fking roll
Comment from : Jonathan

I would put the energy sap on Demo!
Comment from : lykos

Thats me at 1:35 :D
Comment from : Blackh0ess

Austin Hartley
Anyone have a free 86k might account for free I could have
Comment from : Austin Hartley

buying all accounts 80k might plus pm me on line at souleater09 i pay good money ( legit sellers only)
Comment from : Shahaun

Jorge Saucedo
Hey JT I recently rolled a 5/8 bulwark. Idk if I should either put it on my Santa boom or my grimfiend. They both have trash talents as of Right now. Also my Santa boom is double evolved and also 10/10. Grim fairly new. Thanks for help. :)
Comment from : Jorge Saucedo

Temp Cc
Hi Jt it's my bday today and I was wondering if I could get a happy bday turning 13
Comment from : Temp Cc

ッJordan ッ
Put it on demo JT
Comment from : ッJordan ッ

Tyler Ingram
hey jt can you please do some rolling videos soon? thanks
Comment from : Tyler Ingram

I'm saving up gems and Im f2p(I only get iTunes for B-Day/holidays)and have never spent a dollar or if my own pocket so we will see...I'm saving up till Christmas and gonna let you roll
Comment from : Spark6956

Ere titoi
Comment from : davy

I love mu set up also :)
Comment from : DomAKnows

Duy Đức
JT live stream fortress feud
Comment from : Duy Đức

Cristian Rojas
post more rolling videos 😀👍
Comment from : Cristian Rojas

Why do you worry so much about enemy trees JT. I don't think they even revive anything since they are basically in defense.
Comment from : Beyond

IIkinqmega Vids
Who else was scrolling down the chat saying someone probably said something about being first view and like
Comment from : IIkinqmega Vids

Josh Browne
HI JT!! pls reply :D
Comment from : Josh Browne

Erik Lund
Jt put the energy sap on ronin I wanna see him do crazy damage when you finally devo him
Comment from : Erik Lund

Yeah go with demogorgon for energy sap
Comment from : StormXfactor

funny I just randomly found this guy and he just uploaded haha
Comment from : MLR97

I see you JT with 300k might 👀
Comment from : StormXfactor

jonny clouse
I'm first like and view
Comment from : jonny clouse

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